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Goals Allowed

Goals Allowed Per Game, Season (minimum of 1100 minutes)

RankStudentGradeSchoolYear GAMINTotal
1John SmelcerSrChristian Brothers College2003413600.24
2Tyler KnierimSrSouthern Boone2007819400.33
3Luis Scott SoffnerSrSt. Louis University2007716020.35
4Nicholas J. CollicoSrChaminade 2007815910.40
5Aaron JohnsonJrChristian Brothers College2004611360.42
6Ken CooperJrOakville 20051120350.43
7John SmelcerSrChristian Brothers College20051222010.44
8Scott MeyerJrDeSmet 2005712410.45
9Ryan WehkingSoPriory 20051017100.47
10Ben HaltenhofJrChaminade 20031220330.47
11Taylor VanhooserSrPark Hill20101423100.48

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