Time assignment for each of your participants in the MSHSAA State Music Festival at Columbia have been released in Festival Manager.  NOTE:  This year schedules will not be posted or available for viewing in Festival Manager for the general public until the end of each day when results are posted.  You will need to provide performance times and locations to your students, parents, etc.

You may find that this schedule causes some inconveniences but that it does not present any impossible problems.  In some cases, you will find that ensembles or soloists are scheduled to perform a few minutes before or after another ensemble group.  This is particularly true for those schools having a large number of entrants, and we can only assure you that every effort has been made to draw up as workable a schedule as possible under the circumstances.  REMEMBER that in the final analysis, how this schedule works out in practice will be determined largely by your forward planning and cooperation.  Find out the exact location of the festival centers so that you can get back and forth quickly.  Generally, the centers are within five minutes distance of each other, however, some may be further.  Instruct every member of your group so that they know when and where they must be at all times.  Here are some instructions to follow:

  1.     Festival Headquarters will be located in Memorial Union South Room 302.  Set your watch with the University clocks upon arrival.  Bring your assignment schedule with you.  Programs will be available for purchase.

  2.     Report in advance to the MSHSAA Office any cancellation of performances so schools needing schedule changes can use those times.  On the day of the festival please report cancellations to Festival Headquarters Memorial Union South 302.    

  3.     In order for a student or students from your school to be eligible to participate in the State Music Festival, they must be accompanied and supervised by a faculty member or administrator of your school.  Parents or other nonfaculty individuals will not meet this requirement.  Students who come to the festival and are not supervised by a school faculty member or administrator will not be allowed to participate.   Certificates will be awarded to individuals and groups receiving Division I and II ratings.  Directors, please call for these and for Judges' Comment Sheets at the Information Desk/Results Table after ratings are posted.  Comment sheets will be handed to school directors only, not students or parents.  Be certain to check files immediately before leaving the site.  The  Information Desk/Results Table will be located across from the front entrance of the Fine Arts-Music Building on Lowry Mall (under the tent - weather permitting), close to the University Ellis Library and across from the Memorial  Union .

  4.    TIME LIMITS - The maximum scheduled time is 7 minutes (9 minutes for percussion ensembles).  Be sure your students understand that if they spend excessive time tuning, etc., their performance time is reduced accordingly.  Time shall be called and the performance stopped with no penalty at the end of seven minutes.  Piano solos will be timed to ensure the 3 minute time requirement has been met.  All other performances will not be timed.  Piano performances that are less than 3 minutes shall have the overall rating lowered one rank.  Please note,  if an event has selected a work that has been indicated on the MSHSAA PML as being less than 3 mintues and no additional selection is performed the event will automatically be lowered one rank.     

  5.     Equipment at Festival Centers - The following equipment will be available at the Festival.  If you need anything not listed, bring your own or make your own arrangements to borrow from other groups.  The University of Missouri or MSHSAA  will not supply instruments for solos, except piano solos and percussion solos and ensembles using the instruments listed below.

          a.  Music stands will be available in all instrumental performance rooms.

          b.  A piano will be available in all performance rooms - some may be electronic pianos. There is no guarantee a piano bench will be provided.  There will be a chair to sit on.
          c.   Percussion Equipment Supplied:

                Memorial Union North Stotler 1 - One bass drum, one set of chimes, four timpani (32", 29", 26", 23"), one Musser marimba with low A, one xylophone, one Vibes.

                Memorial Union North Stotler 3 - One bass drum, one set of chimes, four timpani (32", 29", 26", 23"), one Musser marimba with low E, one xylophone, one vibes.

                Memorial Union South Chapel (Friday and Saturday Only) – One marimba.

                Note: No mallets or beaters are furnished.


  6.     Warm-up Rooms - A limited number of warm-up rooms are available on the second floor of the Fine Arts Music Building.  Please do not use these rooms to store clothes or other personal belongings.  Music Faculty Offices are also located on this floor.  Remind students to be respectful of the music faculty and do not use their offices as warm-up rooms

  7.     SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR UNLOADING AND PARKING BUSSES AND CARS ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY:  The center of the University campus is closed to car traffic during the week (Monday through Friday).  This area includes a two block square surrounding the Fine Arts Building.

          a.  Cars can be driven to within one block of the Fine Arts Building.  All traffic on Hitt Street must flow from South to North.  Cars should be parked along streets where permitted and in the visiting parking lots available (see map on website).

          b.  Busses will be permitted to enter a limited area of the central campus to unload and load.  PLEASE REFER TO SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS LOCATED ON OUR WEBSITE FOR THIS PROCEDUREBe sure that busses  have your school name visible on the outside of the bus.  (In addition, please put a sign that has the school name on it on the emergency door of each bus.)

          c.   The campus will be open to all traffic on Saturday with the exception that all traffic on Hitt Street must still flow from South to North and all traffic in that area will be controlled by University Police.

          d.  Loeb HallFor Saturday only, the metered parking lot RC-9 across the street from Loeb is open parking.  You do not have to feed the parking meters in the lot area only.  If you park in the street you will have to feed the parking meters or be ticketed by the City of Columbia.

  8.     A few minutes before you perform, HAND ONE COPY OF EACH MUSICAL NUMBER YOU WILL PERFORM TO THE ROOM MONITOR, WHO WILL GIVE IT TO THE ADJUDICATOREach selection must have each measure numbered and should carry the name of the school to which it belongs.  Be certain that the adjudicator receives the properly numbered original of the selection to be performed.  Vocal or piano soloists using music for a multi-movement work must supply the judge an original of the solo music and have a second original for their own use.  (Photo copies are not permitted without written permission from the music publisher.)  Pick your music up from the room monitor as soon as your performance is over.

  9.     All directors are requested to assist in keeping the noise down in the halls outside the performance rooms, to avoid any interference with the performances.  University classes will be in session as well on Thursday and Friday.  Please inform your students of this fact and ask that they show respect for other performers and university faculty and students by complying with this request.  

10.    Caution your students to be considerate in their treatment of University property.  In the past, there have been times when it has been necessary to bill the schools for damage done to fixtures and equipment.  Also, students should be counseled concerning proper conduct while in Columbia attending this event. 

11.    PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR CHANGES IN YOUR SCHEDULES UNLESS IT IS DUE TO A DIRECT SCHEDULE CONFLICT (a conflict shall be defined as a performer or accompanist scheduled for 2 events at the same time).  In such cases contact the Missouri State High School Activities Association at (573) 875-4880 or email@mshsaa.org, Attn. Davine Davis, before noon, on April 17, 2012Only the school music director can request a schedule change due to a direct conflict, not performers, parents, accompanists, etc.

12.    Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia will once again provide a check room for instruments and other bags, etc.  The charge is $1 per instrument/bag for the entire day.  However, if a student picks up their instrument and then wants to store it again there will be another $1 charge.  They will be located on the EAST side of the Fine Arts Building, near the entrance to Rhynsburger Theater (weather permitting).  If weather is a problem, look for signs to the location.  While all reasonable care will be taken to guard against loss, neither the University of Missouri nor the MSHSAA can assume financial responsibility in case of loss or damage to instruments.  This service will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

13.    All soloists and ensembles receiving a first or second division rating are eligible to purchase medals.  Both district and state medals will be available for purchase under the tent – weather permitting, or in the lobby of the Fine Arts Building.  Cash, check  or school purchase orders will be accepted.  Order forms are available to print on our website (www.mshsaa.org) by selecting the music activities link, should you decide to order the medals rather than purchase on site. 

14.    One of the main values is in hearing other participants.  Urge your students to do so.  All performance rooms will be open to spectators.

15.    Evaluation of Adjudicators:  Adjudicator evaluation forms are now located on the Festival Manager website and should be completed once the festival has concluded and all ratings are posted.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! 




PLEASE NOTEEvery effort has been made to engage only qualified adjudicators and to provide a fair and adequate hearing within the regulations set forth by the Missouri State High School Activities Association.  In spite of the best intentions of those administering the festival, occasionally adjudicators or room assistants fall short of their responsibilities.  It is important that festival managers be made aware of these shortcomings as soon as possible.  However, these concerns must be made in writing.  Special report forms for such comments will be available at Information Desk/Results Table and will be given only to the appropriate school official promptly. 


Verbal abuse of adjudicators, room assistants, or festival managers will not be tolerated by the Missouri State High School Activities Association.


Anyone attending an event of the Missouri State High School Activities Association who requires auxiliary aids or services should request such services by contacting the Executive Director of the MSHSAA, telephone 573/875-4880, no later than 48 hours before the event.  Thank you.



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