Paris - Varsity - Boys Track and Field 2016-2017   (0-0)

Date OpponentScoreOther Meets
3/21/2017 3:00 PM @ Montgomery County Girls Varsity


Dates Tournament Name Location Level Pitch Counts Result
4/4 Palmyra Canton, MO Varsity  
4/6 MSD Relays Fulton, MO Varsity  
4/7 Harrisburg Lowell Eaton Relays Harrisburg, MO Varsity  
4/10 Centralia Boys Invitational Centralia, MO Varsity  
4/13 Westran Relays Huntsville, MO Varsity  
4/21 Brookfield Invitational Brookfield, MO Varsity  
4/25-26 Gerald Mansfield Invitational Track Meet Macon , MO Varsity  
4/26 Monroe City Relays Monroe City, MO Varsity  
5/1 Lewis and Clark Relays Fayette, MO Varsity